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Why Swear by biryani

Biryani is not just food, it's an emotion and here at Swear by Biryani, we swear to serve this finger-licking, delicacy with the perfect blend of flavour and emotion. We use hand-picked fresh ingredients to make every bite of your biryani memorable.

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Wood Smoked Chicken Biryani

Marinated with hand-picked spices, prepared specially for wood-smoked biryani, slow-cooked with aromatic basmati, flavoured with saffron. Biryani is smoked with coal and ghee. Served with burani raita & chutney.

Makhmali Mutton Biryani

Succulent mutton marinated with Swear by Biryani special spices cooked with milk, Khoya and raisins are added in between the layers of slowly cooked finest basmati with ghee and kesar to enhance the flavour. Served with burani raita & chutney.

Kabuli Wali Biryani

Prepared with special spices of Swear by Biryani with distinct taste complimenting chick peas perfectly cooked with finest aromatic basmati flavoured with pure Ghee and saffron. Served with burani raita & chutney.

Our Menu

At Swear by Biryani, our idea of a ‘menu’ is more than just a random list of dishes we offer to select from. Rather, it’s a flavour map that navigates you between hunger and satisfaction. A menu that makes you hungry while keeping you curious about its uncertainties. Through our menu, we have designed a journey that imitates and traces the glorious path in the history of the iconic recipe called ‘Biryani’
We know that a certain sense triggers within you every time you hear the word ‘Biryani’. We make sure you satisfy that craving with a host of hand-picked recipes at Swear by Biryani.

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